Carsten Allefeld


All code is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


If you use this code for your published work, please cite the corresponding publication.

  • Matlab code implementing the prevalence inference introduced in Allefeld, Görgen, & Haynes, Valid population inference for information-based imaging: From the second-level t-test to prevalence inference, 2016


  • Matlab code implementing the cross-validated MANOVA introduced in Allefeld & Haynes, Searchlight-based multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI by cross-validated MANOVA, 2014


  • Matlab code identifying metastable macrostates from data using the algorithm described by Allefeld, Atmanspacher, & Wackermann, Mental states as macrostates emerging from brain electrical dynamics, 2009


  • Matlab code computing the global descriptors of brain electrical activity of Wackermann, Towards a quantitative characterisation of functional states of the brain: From the non-linear methodology to the global linear description, 1999

    Publication: Wackermann & Allefeld, State space representation and global descriptors of brain electrical activity, 2009

  • Matlab code implementing the SCA-M algorithm introduced in Allefeld & Bialonski, Detecting synchronization clusters in multivariate time series via coarse-graining of Markov chains, 2007

  • Matlab code implementing the SCA-E algorithm introduced in Allefeld, Müller, & Kurths. Eigenvalue decomposition as a generalized Synchronization Cluster Analysis, 2007

  • Matlab code implementing the Laplacian of Perrin et al., Spherical splines for scalp potential and current density mapping, 1989

  • Matlab code implementing the SCA algorithm introduced in Allefeld & Kurths, An approach to multivariate phase synchronization analysis and its application to event-related potentials, 2004

  • Matlab code assessing on simulated data the performance of different ways to perform a hypothesis test for phase synchronization

    Publication: Allefeld & Kurths, Testing for Phase Synchronization, 2004